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We are not just holistic professionals...

Learn more about our personal and professional experience treating autoimmunity.

Our Story

Dr. Christine Bowen and Em Bowen have both lived with autoimmune diseases and have worked in healthcare for a combined 55+ years. Dr. Christine has been specializing in nutrition for autoimmune and digestive conditions in her 1:1 practice since 2005 and Em Bowen has been a massage therapist, Leadership and DEI Educator, and is also a certified AIP Coach. After the Bowens' personal experiences managing autoimmune diseases, they created the immune-recovery group program which is a combination of their success tools and current, cutting edge research.

This program isn't a fad or a quick fix, but is an in-depth plan for achieving and maintaining lasting health recovery. Working with Em and Christine will be fun, informative and empowering as you learn about how to care for and love the body you are in! Join the Real Solutions for Autoimmunity Private FaceBook group to learn with and from a community of like minded people.

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Dr. Christine Bowen is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Washington State. She helps people with digestive, autoimmune and complex conditions find their healing through diet change and integrative medicine so that they can stop suffering and live their fullest lives. In addition to being a coach for the immune-recovery program, she offers telemedicine in Washington state and also offers second opinion work, health coaching and virtual health programs for people outside of Washington State.

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Em Bowen, MA ABS trained as a psychotherapist, as well as earning a graduate degree in leadership and organizational development. They work as a Holistic Leadership Consultant and Educator as The Peace Nerd. Em also has over two decades of experience as a medical massage therapist, and holds a holistic mindset towards physical health, stress reduction, and healing from trauma.They are frequently sought out to deliver healthy conflict skills training and DEI leadership education. In 2020, Em became a Certified AIP Coach from some of the top educators, doctors, scientists, and authors in the autoimmune disease healing community.

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Our Mission

To help others create a healthy lifestyle

Our Vision

We strive to heal the body through an holistic approach

Our History

Over 20 years of self healing and guiding others in their health journey.


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