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We are not just holistic professionals...

Learn more about our personal and professional experience treating autoimmunity.

Our Story

Christine, a Naturopathic Doctor, had been specializing in helping patients (and herself – she had SIBO, IBS-D, Hashimoto’s, and connective tissue disease) recover from digestive and autoimmune conditions for 13 years prior to Em’s diagnosis of Psoriasis. When Em was faced with their autoimmune diagnosis and the discomfort that it created, they were highly motivated to figure out how to improve and recover their health, naturally ifpossible. Em, with the foundational knowledge offered by Christine, was able to educate themselves and build on that foundation to more deeply resolve many health imbalances – including a struggle with insomnia and digestive challenges that had started in their childhood. To recover their health, they tried and failed many treatment approaches and discovered what works and what doesn’t work – to save you the time and hassle that they had to wade through.

Immune-recovery was born when the Bowen siblings had enough free time to create the program that they wished had existed when they were healing from their own autoimmune conditions. They did the heavy lifting of figuring out what was needed to help improve autoimmune or inflammatory symptoms (fatigue, body pain, skin irritation and digestive challenges) and also be able to more fully recover from autoimmunity, with a whole person approach. Having the unexpected free time and the need for connection that the pandemic brought about, they dug deeply into what a comprehensive autoimmune healing approach would look like. They have lovingly curated every aspect of the immune-recovery program and hope that you can feel that love and receive their compassionate advice at every step along your healing journey.

Our Mission

To help others create a healthy lifestyle

Our Vision

We strive to heal the body through an holistic approach

Our History

Over 20 years of self healing and guiding others in their health journey.


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