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Immune-recovery is both an educational resource for people with auto-immune and inflammatory diseases, a 12 week gradual program for people who are ready to heal their bodies and decrease their symptoms. Immune-recovery also offers shorter – one month – programs which are a shorter plan to help improve health and reduce inflammation.

It is right for you when you are ready to commit to doing the hard work of implementing positive changes that will quickly lead to greater vitality, energy, and self-love.

No. People without a diagnosis or with chronic inflammation have also had great success participating in our program.

No. Our Real Solutions for Autoimmunity Facebook group is a free community resource for everyone. We also offer scholarships for our 12 week program for people who need this program, but may not currently be able to afford it.

The immune-recovery program lasts 12 weeks and focuses on drastically reducing inflammation and resetting gut health (a crucial factor in auto-immune balance).

Our courses are additional offerings for folks to try when they are getting started with looking at how nutrition and lifestyle changes can positively impact their health, and want to start with a course that lasts for only a month.

Not necessarily, the foundational health challenges that set us up for developing autoimmunity are similar and overlapping, regardless of which type of autoimmune disease you have developed. Healing or balancing the gut, managing stress and improving nutrition can be foundational changes that help to rebalance the immune system, regardless of which type of autoimmune disease you have. Sometimes modifications to the plan can be made to make sure that the plan works better with your specific health needs.

No. The immune-recovery program helps with the things that your specialists or PCP may not be able to help you with – such as nutrition and lifestyle changes but it does not take the place of your ongoing medical providers’ suggestions and management. It can be complementary to that care and sometimes the best results come from a combination treatment plan. Your coaches are serving as guides but are not your medical providers (unless you have hired them as your providers).

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