12 Week Immune Recovery Program

12 Week Immune Recovery Program

Our Signature program - a comprehensive autoimmune healing approach. We have lovingly curated every aspect of the immune-recovery program to set you up for great results. Daily - food, movement, meditation, sleep, and other strategies.

We've created a deliberate plan to shift our ways of eating, sleeping, moving, and loving ourselves gradually for the greatest success with the least struggle! The immune-recovery program (IRP) is used to decrease the inflammation associated with autoimmune disease and to help improve digestive function.

What is the immune-recovery program (IRP)?
The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is the foundation of this plan but there is so much more to address than just diet change when we are working on helping to improve immune health from the inside out.

Though this plan may look, on the surface, like a food restrictive pathway, it is so much more than a diet or nutrition program. Please know that this is the way that we can gain deep health and insight into how to allow ourselves to take better care of ourselves longer term and to live in self-love and freedom.

Our content will offer suggestions for help with all of the aspects of health, outside of dietary change. We will also explore who we are, what we need, and how we can truly show up for ourselves in our lives in all ways going forward. Embracing this type of nutrition and lifestyle change is an act of self-love and self-care, you are worth it!

The IRP also helps us to make diet change in stages instead of an "all or nothing" approach. During the 3 months of IRP we will go from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Low Carb version of AIP in 8 weeks and then will explore additional topics for health improvement for the last month. Using a “Couch to 5 K” type of process will help you to start to trim back the disallowed foods (one food group at a time) while we increase the allowed foods. This process also allows you to see how the changes in what you are eating impact your health and can assist in identifying which food groups might be troublesome for you. At the end of the program, you will be given the next steps for food reintroductions. If you haven't figured out what your trouble foods are by this point, the food reintroduction phase will likely be illuminating.

We know the struggle of living with autoimmune disease, food intolerances, infections, and inflammation. We have significant lived experience of navigating diet change for our health conditions. Though we have had success with diet change, the programs that we originally followed didn't quite address all of our health concerns and weren't as focused on creating lasting change in other areas of our lives like self-care, exercise, sleep, and how to follow a lifestyle plan long term. The immune-recovery program (IRP) is the plan that we wished had existed when we started on our own health journeys.

IRP is a good option...

When other plans haven’t helped. If hypoallergenic, low carbohydrate, paleo or keto diets or other health plans have not yielded the health results that you needed or wanted, this plan could be a game-changer.

When you are unable or unwilling to take medications or if your medications aren't fully addressing your condition. You may not need to change your medical program to feel even better. Diet change is not contraindicated with medication use. Just because you are on medications for your autoimmune disease, you should still be able to safely change your diet.

When you need help with behavior modification and routine change. Change is HARD but we will offer simple tips to integrate lasting behavior change into your life. We hope these morsels last you a lifetime!

When you want to transform your state of self-love and self-care. Ready to ditch the unhelpful self-talk and the self-destructive habits? Embarking on this process is already your first act of self-love. Congratulations!

When you want to flip long-held, unhelpful food recommendation paradigms on their head. Following the "Food Pyramid" diet guidelines or even the updated version, "My Plate," is not at all how most people achieve lasting health improvements. We will bust myths about fat and help you to know that you don't need milk or grains to have a healthy diet.

Why Low Carb?

If you have a need for kicking a sugar addiction, yeast/candida overgrowth, weight loss support, or blood sugar management, an AIP plan may be right for you but more specifically an AIP plan that is a low-carbohydrate plan might be your best-fit menu plan. Low Carbohydrate + AIP eating is what makes the IRP dietary approach unique.

Why do we need this 3-month plan?

Community Support:

Following a diet and lifestyle plan can be isolating. Working with the IRP community and your coaches should help to make this journey more tolerable. IRP will help to build a whole new community that values self-care and healthy habits.

Experienced coaches: We love to encourage people to make dietary changes to improve their health. We have both lived low carb AIP and we want you to be able to take shortcuts, enjoy our favorite recipes, and learn from our experience and not have to reinvent the wheel for yourself.

A stepwise approach to diet change. Many of us know that diet change may help to improve the health of our immune system but which plan do we follow and how do we start adapting to a new way of eating? We find that incremental change over time can help to identify which foods are helping or harming our health.

More than just AIP. While the basic AIP works for many, traditional AIP often isn’t enough to balance blood sugar, promote intestinal healing, heal skin, and eradicate yeast. IRP goes one step deeper to address these issues.

Focus on nutrition, not just on diet change. This is not just another calorie-restricted diet! Though we may take certain types of food out of your diet, this is not a low-calorie plan. Rather, it is a high nutrition, low inflammation plan. We will NOT be counting calories and we will not be measuring foods with a scale or cups.

Save Time: There is a pervasive sense of not having enough time to embark on a plan like AIP. This plan can give you tips for reclaiming lost or unclaimed time. Spend more time on the things that matter and less time on things that don’t. Help people find time so that self-care and food prep is doable.

What is our destination?

Each person’s goals and intentions will be individual Diet change will bring you to a low carbohydrate version of the AIP Improve function, reduce pain and discomfort, live your fullest life!

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  • 91 days of recipes
  • Weekly Video Training
  • Private Facebook community

Plus (Best Value)

  • 91 days of recipes
  • Weekly Video Trainings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Periodic Assessments
  • Gradual Diet Plan w/ Reinforcement
  • Premium Health Education
  • Guided Food Reintroduction Protocol
  • 4 VIP Coaching Sessions