Emily Bowen, MA ABS

Hello, I am Em Bowen

Holistic Health Consultant

Em trained as a psychotherapist, as well as earning a graduate degree in leadership and organizational development. They work as a Holistic Leadership Consultant and Educator as The Peace Nerd. Em also has over two decades of experience as a medical massage therapist, and holds a holistic mindset towards physical health, stress reduction, and healing from trauma.They are frequently sought out to deliver healthy conflict skills training and DEI leadership education. In 2020, Em became a Certified AIP Coach from some of the top educators, doctors, scientists, and authors in the autoimmune disease healing community.

Em was diagnosed with Psoriasis after an extreme stress event in 2016. They tried lots of different strategies and products to address their pain and discomfort. Finally in 2017 they embarked on an AutoImmune Protocol experiment. This plan, while challenging to implement, supported them in healing about 95% of their skin lesions over 9 months. They lost 80 pounds over 2 years as an unintended side effect, as their body detoxed from being in a constant inflammatory state. Em was supported by their sister Dr. Christine Bowen.

Coach Skills

Private Coaching
Weight Loss
Medical Issues

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7 to 60

Days Nutrition aProgram

1600 +

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150 +

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