Is the Immune-Recovery Program Right For You?

Is daily fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation or digestive trouble getting you down?

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Christine Bowen, ND

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Learn how to overcome your chronic symptoms and how to take control of your health...

Nearly 4% of the world’s population is affected by one of more than 80 different autoimmune diseases.


Women and people of color are more than 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with autoimmune disease.


Many people with these chronic health issues often have immense difficulty getting properly tested or treated even after seeing many providers


Often, people seeking help will hear “everything is fine” or “it’s just a sign of getting older”, when they know they don’t feel fine and feel like they aren’t being heard.


Left unchecked, all these issues can lead to more complicated health problems such as accumulating more autoimmune disease, living in chronic pain, joint or body damage and an inability to live the lives they want to live.



Join Us To Learn...

How to overcome your chronic symptoms and how to take control of your health

What questions to ask your health provider to ensure you're partnering with the right expert

What advanced lab testing will provide the information needed to arrive at a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to treat your chronic symptoms

How nutrition can play a huge role in rebalancing and dealing with chronic symptoms once we discover the root cause


What Our Clients Say About Immune-Recovery

When I first looked at the material,I panicked. I thought there is no way I can do this. But, the program is designed in such a way I was able to follow it. Giving up one group a week was easier than I thought. I noticed a difference after the first two weeks. I found that sugars were my nemesis. Cutting them out was easier than I thought. Using natural sugars instead of processed sugars and sugar substitutes is now a daily thing. Have faith in yourself, you can do this. Show up, use all the resources you are given. Less pain and better health are what you will receive.

Monica Back-Doherty, CA​

My participation in the immune-recovery program gave me the support and the knowledge I needed to change my eating for better health, to pay attention to my body in new ways, and to grow in self-compassion while in community with others. Dr and Emily Bowen brought experience and authenticity in ways that were both powerful and fun. They were more than guides and became friends along the journey.

Karin Duval, Redmond, WA